An envelope is not just a type of packaging. This is the recipient’s first contact with our letter – its appearance thus expresses respect for the addressee and testifies to our personal culture. In addition, the details and address on the envelope are a tool for deliveries and a clue on the road that the parcel must travel to get to the right hands. How to write an envelope?

The sender’s address

What is the sender’s address? As the name suggests, this is the address of the person sending the letter. It is necessary, and is useful, for example, if the letter is not delivered to the recipient. Thanks to the correct completion of this field, the post office will return the parcel to us. Enter the sender’s address in the upper left corner of the envelope. When sending a letter (envelope) to another country, it is also worth indicating from which country we send it. If you send a letter abroad, it is worth entering the name of the country in English.

writing envelopes

The recipient’s address

What is and where should the recipient’s address be entered? This is the most important field on our list. It doesn’t matter if our envelope reaches the company or a private person, we always enter the recipient’s address in the same field. This is the bottom right corner of the envelope. It is also worth ensuring that the postal code field is correctly completed. 

Envelope layout

The arrangement of information on an envelope can never be accidental!

Therefore, in accordance with accepted principles:

  • put the recipient’s details in the bottom right corner,
  • space for personal details and address (sender’s details) is located in the upper left part of the envelope.

Warning! Your data is very important – you do not send anonymously. In addition, they can also be useful in the event of a return parcel, and such situations sometimes also happen.

Postage stamp

The last step that we need to take to ensure that our shipment reaches the recipient is sticking a postage stamp. To do this, find out how much it costs to send such a letter and stick a postage stamp corresponding to this value.

Where to put the postage stamp on the envelope? Its place is in the upper right corner of our letter.

How to choose the size of the envelope for the type of shipment

There are a few things to note when choosing an envelope. Print size is not always a guide. Some papers can be successfully folded into several parts and sent in a standard envelope. Others should not have any creases – it is better to put them in a large, sized envelope. 

Think about a different envelope size for more formal occasions – for example, when sending an invitation to a family celebration or important documents. Then the packaging of the package should perfectly match its content.

When sending documents to the office, always make sure that they reach the official intact. Instead of bending the printout into several parts or forcing it into a too small envelope, risking the destruction of corners.


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