Sushi is one of the most characteristic and extremely popular dishes of Japanese cuisine. The dish, which includes raw fish, vegetables, pressed algae and a specific type of rice, won the hearts of gourmets around the world. What is the characteristics of sushi rice and how is it different from the classic type? How to prepare it to make sushi taste like Japanese? And, more importantly, how to make sushi rice?

What type of rice for sushi should you choose

Choosing the right type of rice is very important for the final effect of our dish. Sushi that has been composed incorrectly or using a different type of rice than it is recommended will not look or taste as good as using shari. Contrary to some reviews, sushi rice should not be long grain. We should choose the round, short-grain, so-called “Dairy” – it will be easier for us to shape our sushi into a characteristic shape. In addition to choosing rice, it is also important to stock up on high-quality rice vinegar, which is needed to prepare your shari in the right way.

sushi rice making

How to cook rice for sushi

Rice created to prepare sushi can now be purchased in most stores. How to prepare rice for sushi? What is cooking rice for sushi?

  • Selection of suitable rice – should not be long-grain, but round from the type of short-grain, so-called “dairy”. It then contains more amylopectin, i.e. an ingredient that facilitates gluing. It is easier to shape it into balls and wrap it,
  • Not mixing rice species – mixing different rice will create the wrong consistency and distort the proportions,
  • Thorough rinse with warm water – until the water stops becoming cloudy,
  • Laying out the rinsed rice for 30 minutes to dry,
  • Pouring 2 cups of rice prepared in this way with 2 cups of water and cooking – boil, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook for about 15 minutes,
  • Weaning rice after cooking for 10-15 minutes – leave it covered to loosen,
  • Transferring rice to a previously prepared bowl – it is best to use a wooden bowl and a previously prepared spatula for mixing sushi,
  • Preparation of a special pickle for rice for sushi- mix 6 tablespoons of rice vinegar, a teaspoon of salt, 4 teaspoons of sugar. Some heat the prepared mortar without bringing it to a boil and cool it (but this is not necessary),
  • Pouring mortar of previously prepared rice in a wooden bowl and thoroughly mixing with a spatula – using a spatula, break up larger clumps of rice and, making oblique movements with a spatula, mix the mortar with rice well,
  • Turn the rice in batches and fan – the final temperature of the rice should be 35 °.

The selection of proportions of ingredients to the mortar can be selected individually, depending on taste preferences. Rice prepared in this way should be stored in a special container that maintains a constant temperature. You can also cover it with a moist cloth if it is stored outside in an unsealed container.



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