Dumplings make it a dish that is associated with memories and emotions, so beginners in the kitchen are often afraid to take on this challenge. Dumplings are the beloved one of many people around the world. How to make dumplings?

How to make dumplings? Flour is the basis

Flour for dumplings The basis of successful dumplings is the dough, and the basis of the dough is the appropriate flour. To make your dumplings elastic and soft you should reach for wheat flour type 450 or a maximum of 480. Such flour is lighter and it is thanks to this that the dough also has a much better structure. You will use the same flour to prepare light pancakes. A higher type of flour, e.g. 550, is ideal for yeast dough. 

making dumplings

Classic dumpling dough

The recipe for this cake is based only on two ingredients – flour and water. You will get more dough flexibility by pouring warm water.

Ingredients for the dough

The amounts should be enough to prepare about 50 pieces of dumplings. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare the dough.

  • 300 g wheat flour
  • 250 ml hot water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Making dough for dumplings

For the dough to be flexible and soft, it must be kneaded well. What do I mean by “good”? First, mix the ingredients with a spatula or a plain wooden spoon. Then stir by hand and as you notice that the dough begins to depart from the walls of the dish, then transfer it to the board. Start kneading the dough with two hands. Press on them, fold in half and press again. Knead for about 15 minutes and you will notice that the dough comes off your hands and is very soft. After adding water to the flour and making the dough, gluten is produced. It is gluten that makes the dough elastic, elastic and ductile. In addition, gluten has the ability to retain air in the dough, due to which the dough acquires a porous structure. After cutting the dough for dumplings, you will see small holes in it – it means that it is well made.

Cutting and making dumplings

The most common way involves rolling out a large piece of cake on a board, using a rolling pin or wine bottle. Then the wheels are cut out of it, the stuffing is placed inside and glued. Sometimes decorating the edges of the so-called frill, chives or Asian way. You can also help yourself with a fork, spoon or special device. Dumplings can also be made of two circles stuck together.

Cooking dumplings

Cook dumplings in boiling and salted water. Preferably in a pot with a wide bottom. It is a mistake to add a lot of dumplings at once. Dumplings should swim freely and mix them with a wooden spoon. Metal spoons can cause the dough to tear. When the dumplings come out, wait another minute and remove them with a slotted spoon (if the dough is not overcooked, although the slotted spoons are often metal, you will not tear the cooked dough). Put the dumplings straight into the pan with hot fat – if you like to serve them with fried onion or on plates and pour over a little fat. Otherwise the dumplings stick together.



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