A refreshing, elegant, favorite James Bond drink that prefers shaken – not mixed. Martini Dry is a classic drink that has fans around the world. How to make a martini?

What is martini

Martini is Italian vermouth, or wine flavored with spices and herbs. Available in white, red and pink, as well as extra dry, gold and other less popular variants, e.g. fiero. The alcohol content varies between 12 and 20%. Martini can be drunk without any additions, but it also tastes great as an ingredient of drinks.

His origin is a contentious issue. Some believe that it was invented in 1915 by a New York bartender – Martini. Others attribute its creation to the Martini and Rossi group. Regardless of the origin, you can make it yourself at home.

making martini

Martini – how to make it

What you need? 50 ml gin and 15 ml dry vermouth. This drink can be shaken or mixed. Use the shaker for the Bond version – shaken, not mixed. Put some ice cubes into the medium, pour alcohol and let’s work. Martini is served in a cocktail glass with green olive.

Martini Bianco

White martini (bianco) is delicate and has a taste of vanilla and grapes, so it is worth mixing them with drinks that will not muffle it. So what do you drink martini bianco with? Preferably with the addition of ice and a bit of lime juice, you can also mix alcohol with a lemon-flavored carbonated drink, e.g. Sprite. White martinis can also be drunk with tonic and ice with orange.

Martini Rosso

Red martini (rosso) is sweet, has an intense aroma and taste of Italian herbs, aftertaste of raspberries and lemons. A good idea is to combine it with orange or apple juice, fruit and of course with ice. You can also make red martini drinks with the addition of whiskey and campari. Martini rosso is also drunk with tonic and lime.

Martini Negroni

To make this drink based on Martini rosso you will need. 30 ml Martini Rosso, 30 ml Campari, 30 ml gin, slice of orange and of course ice. Mix everything with a shaker, pour into a glass and decorate with a slice of orange.

Espresso Martini

Martini espresso is an unusual proposition, which, as the name suggests, includes coffee. Its ingredients are: 25 ml Tia Maria liqueur 10 ml Martini Blanco, 25 ml vodka, 25 ml espresso coffee, 10 ml sugar syrup, ice and coffee beans for decoration. Mix all ingredients in a shaker (except coffee beans). Then pour into a glass and decorate.

Dirty Harry

This is an offer for dry martini fans. To prepare this drink you will need 100 ml Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey, 100 ml extra dry martini, 100 ml tonic, and ice. Put ice in the glass, pour in whiskey and martini, top up with tonic. You can decorate with mint or a slice of lemon.

Fifty Fifty

This is another proposal for fans of dry martini. To prepare Fifty Fifty you need 50 ml Martini Extra Dry and gin (hence the name Fifty Fifty), olives and ice. Mix the alcohols with ice in a shaker and decorate a few olives with a toothpick.

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