Depression is a very serious disease in which a person loses his will and motivation to live.  The disease is so difficult that a person with depression is sometimes not motivated enough to undergo treatment. How to help someone with depression?

Depression signs

  • constant sadness that lasts most of the day and almost every day, regardless of what happens in life
  • loss of interest and satisfaction with activities that usually gave pleasure, indifference to what is happening around
  • reduced energy or increased fatigue
depression help

How to live with a person who is depressed

It is not easy to live under one roof with someone who is depressed. Constant complaining, a sense of low value, anxiety, total helplessness – all this can throw you off balance. To live with a depression sufferer, you need tremendous strength and patience, but first of all you need to know what this difficult disease is all about. If you understand what a loved one feels and learn how to act in hard times, it will be easier for you to overcome crises.

To support the closest person who suffers from depression, you should: Be – a person with depression should not feel left alone. Support – not by forcing to activity that the patient does not feel like. Understanding the behavior of a person suffering from depression is the first step in support. Listen – sometimes just listening is enough to make you feel understood. Do not judge – screams, accusations, quarrels will not help. A person with depression may react with aggression or complete self-closure and suicidal thoughts. Your task is to convince the patient to consult a doctor – this is another step towards curing depression.

Offer support and assistance

The greatest support for a patient is to accept his condition. If he can’t get out of bed, leave him alone, let him lie down. Bring tea or breakfast. Understand that this behavior is not an expression of laziness or a desire to anger you. Imagine that the patient had a serious accident and was put in a cast from neck to foot. You won’t rush him for walks or cooking dinner. Rehabilitation is needed so that the muscles do not disappear, but only within the limits where injury allows. Don’t expect impossible things from a person with depression.

Encourage therapy and support treatment

Motivate, suggest books and other materials about depression. Indicate examples of people who managed to recover from illness due to subordination. Make sure the patient takes medication at the recommended doses. Modern formulations are designed so that they are administered once a day, so it’s easy to control. Antidepressants are effective, but don’t expect them to heal everyone immediately. You must wait at least 2-3 weeks for the effect of the therapy. This is symptomatic, not causal, so some people get sick again (20-30% of patients are refractory to medications, and then other treatments are used). It is important that the patient takes the maintenance dose despite the well-being.

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