The best messy bun comes out when you don’t care at all – when you go to the shower and leave it, or when you are lying on the couch with your hair tied up. When you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and stubbornly try to arrange the bun, the effects are poor. This seemingly careless hairstyle, although it has won the hearts of women for some time, still enjoys great popularity. How to make a messy bun?

What is a messy bun?

Although the bun looks like it was made hastily and without much care, techniques and methods have been created that will make this bun with your eyes closed. Even sloppy hairstyles need some skill to make them look sloppy. You can pin the messy bun in a variety of ways – low above the nape of the neck, in the middle of the head, on the top of it or even from the side! The most important thing, however, is that it looks loose, but at the same time it is strong enough not to fall apart.

messy bun

How to do a messy bun?

This is the most popular bun made famous by the stars. Although it looks like you tied the coca a moment before entering the shower, it is a stylish everyday upholstery not only for tracksuits.

Method 1

Tie your hair in a ponytail. Pass it over the elastic band and remove the tip from the back of the head and secure it with the slide from the back. For a casual look, spread the ponytail like a fan and pull the strands around your face.

Method 2

After tying your hair in a high ponytail, unscrew it around your axis. Then twist the hair around the elastic band and clip with a hair clip or secure it with an elastic band. Make a slight mess by removing a few strands and loosening the hair.

Method 3

Collect the hair and put on a rubber band, do not pull the hair all the way, leave a loose loop. Pass the tips over the loop and tie the elastic band. repeat this step. Tie the ends that have been left with an elastic band and clip them with pins.

A bun above the nape of the neck. It requires more consolidation because it is more exposed to injury. Every time you move your head or bend your neck, it affects the durability of messy bun.

Method 4

Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Start spinning it around its axis, while twisting the ponytail around the elastic band. Clip the ends with clips or insert behind the elastic band. You can also put on another small transparent elastic to make sure that the bun does not fall apart. In order for the hair to hold better and be more prone to binding, do not tie them immediately after washing. It will be best to do it on the second or third day after washing, then the hair is not so loose and better styling.

Messy bun for short hair

If you have short hair, unfortunately you have to forget about the high ups. Fortunately, you can allow yourself to be pinned in the middle of the head and above the neck. If you are not able to create a messy bun from your length of hair, you can try to make a pony without intertwining the elastic band to the end, and clip the remaining ends of the hair with hairpins.



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