Backflip is an exercise characteristic of many sports. It is performed, among others in capoeira, parkour, acrobatics or Martial Arts Tricks. What’s more, somersaults in the back are also present in winter sports (skiing, snowboarding) or extreme sports (BMX, inline skates, MTB). How to do a backflip?

Three ways to perform backflips

  1. Dynamic, two-step – it involves a slight jump, muscle cushioning and a strong sweep of the arms before the main jump, then we turn faster and more dynamically; they teach this method in acrobatics and capoeira;
  2. Single jump – it consists of squatting and breaking without prior dynamics, it is less dynamic, causes less rotation, but in some cases looks more effective than its brother;
  3. Salto backwards can also be done after the roundoff. At the same time you have the highest speed and dynamics.

The back flip is a layout – back flip with straight legs.

making a backflip

Backflip in acrobatics

In this sport discipline, somersaults are usually performed on a bat and track. Both backward and forward jumps must be grouped. The type of grouping depends on the type of somersault (broken, squat, straight). Broken somersault is performed on straight legs. Then the exerciser grabs his ankles with his hands, puts on his own legs. An angle of less than 90 degrees should form between the legs and the torso. The pack somersault requires knees to be placed on the chest and grasped with their hands. Simple somersault is done from the position “at attention”. Hands should hang down the trunk or be folded on the chest.

Salt groupings in acrobatics are separate for somersaults back and somersaults forward. In the first case, the legs must “go” on the body. In the other, the torso is approaching the legs.

Doing a backflip safely

It is worth using belaying while preparing for somersault backwards, as well as during the rehearsals themselves. A strong, experienced person will be of help. It can be, for example, a more advanced colleague or personal trainer. In the second case, we are sure that everything will go as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible. What’s more, it’s a technically difficult evolution. Learning the wrong ways can result in you not doing the somersault correctly. It’s worse if we threaten our health with a bad technique. See our trainers and instructors!

Backflip on the trampoline – exercises

Trampoline exercises are a good way to learn back somersault. At the very beginning, it’s best to learn how to turn the back properly. You can try doing a back flip on a trampoline by catching your legs in the air and curl up in the so-called “Ball”. In the event of a fall, it is worth learning to land on your knees.

Preparation for performing a backflip

The approach to performing a backflip should be preceded by appropriate training preparations. Good exercises in this case can be, among others leaps back up from the place (plus hand work), legs hanging up on a stick or flipping backwards. 



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