Your hair is your biggest advantage. It can boost your confidence and add extra attractiveness to your appearance. Having beautiful, long, shiny hair color without grey or white hairs is a dream of many of us. Unfortunately dying hair, be it at a professional hairdresser or at home, damages hair profoundly. Growing hair is a lengthy process, that requires a lot of patience and special care. Do you know how to care for colored hair and grow it long? Here is everything you need to know.

How to care for colored hair?

Taking proper care of your hair color is crucial to maintain it in a good condition for a longer time. Protect color treated hair with professional beauty cosmetics such as:

  • color protective shampoo,
  • heat protection sprays,
  • nourishing masks,
  • conditioners.

Use deep conditioning treatments for color treated hair. The nutrients from your conditioners and your many styling products will make your hair shine more than ever.

How to keep your hair color for longer?

  • The best way to keep your hair color for longer is by washing your hair less frequently. Yes, you heard it right. The more often you wash your hair, the faster the color fades away.
  • Also, remember that sitting in the sun is not good for your dyed hair either. Make sure you protect your hair from the sun using a UV filter finishing spray.
  • If you dyed your hair blonde, get rid of an unattractive green hue by using purple shampoo. Wash your hair frequently to maintain the perfect blonde shade.
  • Use a conditioning treatment after every hair washing or even without a hair washing. Conditioning your colored hair is super important.

As we already know, growing hair is a lengthy process, that requires special care. If you don’t want to wait for your hair to grow long, you can always use human hair extensions.

How to take care of tape in hair extensions?

If you are going to extend your hair, bear in mind that tape in hair extensions need special care. Use professional products such as Viola Hair Extension Shampoo and Hair Extensions Conditioner that will help you keep your tape in hair extensions in a good condition. If you are interested in hair extensions, be it blonde, ginger, bronze or black hair extensions or how to take care of human hair extensions go to tape in hair extensions.

About Viola Hair Extensions

Viola offers luxurious Slavic premium hair in vibrant colors and professional products for a deep conditioning treatment at attractive prices, so you can take good care of tape in hair extensions at home.


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