An actor’s career is a good choice for talented, determined and persistent people. Apprentices deal with the high competition, stress and uncertainty of tomorrow. Graduation from a theater academy does not guarantee a full-time job in the theater, but is often one of the requirements candidates must meet. How to become an actor?

Where to learn

A theater academy operates in the largest urban centers, but there are also private schools preparing for the profession of actor. This means that each year, a multitude of young people earn a diploma and set off to conquer theaters in which the number of vacancies is very limited. Not only people with a diploma receive engagement. It happens that some roles are played by naturists who cannot have a specialized education due to, for example, age.

becoming an actor


The first step is always the most difficult and demanding. On the road to professional acting, it can not be otherwise, it should be remembered that multitasking is the foundation in the actor’s work. Sign up for a singing, dancing and horse riding course. These are the basic skills that every stage artist should possess.

Acting school

Although a diploma from the theater academy is not always required, graduates of such a university have the skills to facilitate work on stage. Students learn not only the acting and stage movement, but also text analysis and improvisation. They deepen knowledge about history, philosophy and other fields that help us penetrate the content of the play, as well as understand the role and create a character.

Acting schools in the world

The list of the best acting schools abroad is opened by the legendary Juillard, who with his fame and recruitment process has almost entered the culture. Among the included in the ranking of acting schools were 5 American universities, 4 English universities and one Indian. The results are not surprising. After all, these three countries are leaders in the global film and theater market, and England has the oldest acting tradition.

If you want to study in schools that have graduated from many famous actors (e.g. Meryl Streep), take a look at this list.

  • Juilliard School,
  • New York Yale School of Drama,
  • New Haven Guildhall School of Music and Drama,
  • London National School of Drama,
  • Woodstock Carnegie Mellon School,
  • Pittsburg DePaul University,
  • Chicago The Actor’s Studio,
  • New York City Central School of Speech and Drama,

What predispositions must an actor have? What should an actress be like?

An actor, especially a theater actor, should have an excellent memory to be able to learn the whole role. In addition, the actor must be bold and confident and resistant to stress and work under time pressure, he cannot be paralyzed by a large audience or camera eye. Patience and perseverance are also a desirable feature. On the film set, there are often multiple doubles, often up to late evening hours or the need to record night scenes. The actor’s work is helped by dance and music skills, good diction and physical fitness.



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