Refreshing the look of home furniture does not have to involve spending a lot of money. The character of furniture can be changed with the help of modern covers. In addition, they will protect your furniture from damage and make it easier to keep your home clean. In this simple way, your favourite Ikea sofa can be given a brand new life.

Modern sofa covers

The extensive use of furniture makes it vulnerable to damage. For this reason, many people often replace them in order to achieve an improved aesthetic appearance for all their home furnishings. However, wooden furniture with unique shapes is worth renewing and protecting against further rapid wear and tear. This can be done with covers made from high-quality fabrics.

Durability and easy cleaning

Fabrics for sofas, chairs or armchairs can have a variety of parameters. Modern furniture covers are made by fabrics with specific properties, making them tear and scratch resistant. The surface is protected by a special coating so that water does not penetrate the fabric, but remains on its surface. In this way, the liquid can be easily wiped off with a paper towel and the entire piece of furniture becomes very easy to clean.

Changing look of your Ikea sofa

The appearance of furniture is important in every home. Therefore, sofa fabrics can have different parameters, including colours, patterns and textures. This makes it easy to adapt the furniture to any style of room design. A sofa with a cover can look like new, even better than the original colours. As a result, it can be the main decorative point of a living room or bedroom. Covers of this kind will work well in both traditional, minimalist and modern interiors.

Safety in every house

Modern sofa covers make it possible to protect furniture from bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause dangerous infections. This is particularly important for people suffering from breathing disorders or various types of allergies. The fabrics are completely safe for health and do not contain any harmful substances. They can be washed by hand or in a washing machine using mild processes, preferably at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius. They are also flame retardant and minimize the spread of fire.

Soferia shop offer

Sofa covers facilitate the daily use of the furniture and increase its durability. Many interesting offers can be found in the Soferia shop. The company provides covers made of various materials distinguished by unique properties, including high resistance to damage and contact with water. This will allow furniture replacement to be carried out less frequently in the home, regardless of the inhabitants favourite activities. A suitably selected cover will look great in the living room. It will provide new life to the sofa, which will certainly attract the attention of invited guests.


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