Why Sleep Walking Can Hurt A Strong Relationship

There are many people that actually experience what is called sleepwalking. This is an event, typically occurring while they are asleep at night, where they get up out of their bed and walk around. What is interesting is that they often have no recollection of doing so. They may walk around their home for a few minutes, or for much longer, and will then go back to their bed. It is said that they are in a light state of sleep, similar to hypnosis. If this is occurring on a regular basis, and you are married, it is possible that this could be hurting your relationship. This is why sleepwalking could actually damage your relationship with your significant other, and ways that you can fix the problem.

What Causes Sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking is caused as a result of inefficient or interrupted sleep. It tends to happen with people that have a lot going on in their lives. Additionally, people that are overly tired may experience sleepwalking. They may also suffer from other sleeping disorders including sleep apnea. According to medical doctors, other triggers could be stress in your life, chaotic daily schedules, or even experiencing an illness that causes a fever. Some people have been diagnosed with magnesium deficiencies, or perhaps alcohol intoxication.

What Are The Dangers Of Sleepwalking?

There are several dangers that are involved with sleepwalking. First of all, since the person has no awareness in their conscious mind that they are walking around, they could find themselves tumbling down a staircase. There are stories of individuals that have not only walked around their home, but have actually walked out of their home to a remote location. The longer that this goes on, the higher the probability that something could go wrong. That’s why is important to find out why someone is sleepwalking so that this unwanted activity can stop.

How Do You Stop Sleepwalking

There are many solutions to preventing a person from sleepwalking, but each solution is often dependent upon the initial cause. For example, if someone is sleepwalking as a result of sleep deprivation, they simply need to get more sleep on a daily basis. If this is caused by a magnesium deficiency, they will need to take this supplement to resolve the issue. If it cannot be stopped, at least not initially, there are ways to prevent the individual from being harmed if they are walking around at night.

How To Deal With A Person That Is Sleepwalking

If a person is sleepwalking, they will need to be dealt with in a certain way. First of all, it is never recommended that you wake them up, especially if they are a child. What this does to their psyche is dependent upon how they will react to finding themselves out of their bed. Therefore, it is better to simply help the person back into bed, and tried to resolve their sleepwalking habit using different strategies.

Why Sleepwalking Can Hurt Your Relationship

The primary reason that this can hurt a relationship is that the other individual is having to care for this person who is constantly getting out of bed at night. If they live in a home that has a staircase, they will be constantly worried that they will fall down as a result of this unwanted habit. That is why it is so important to see a doctor as soon as possible to resolve this issue. If they can do so, this will repair the relationship quickly. It is simply the stress of worrying about their loved one that is causing the rift in their relationship, a rift that can be resolved once the sleepwalking can be stopped.

Even though sleepwalking is inherently harmless to other people, the individuals that are worried about their loved ones that are sleepwalking can cause emotional duress. The constant worry of what will happen to them if they accidentally fall down a staircase, or perhaps even leave the home, will cause a rift between them in some cases. They should immediately take this individual to a physician who can diagnose the problem and potentially resolve this as quickly as they can. Whether this is the results of sleep deprivation, magnesium deficiency, or some other issue, fixing the problem is what will repair a relationship that has been adversely affected by sleepwalking.