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This page of out-of-date.  

Check the main website for the latest updates & reward opportunities!!!

We have found a FREE and EASY way to make money or earn points for gift certificates and MORE! Give it a try!

All programs are rated on a scale of 1-10 based on their current earning levels.  The last date that we received a check from each program is written in red.  The picture at the end of each program shows where you need to live to participate in each program.  The majority of these programs will make payments worldwide Worldwide -  OUT OF BUSINESS
Rating: 10/10
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Earn 35% Cash Back of the Ad Dollars paid to them by their advertisers, just for reading email. Great ads and offers for you to check out!!  Must of legal age of your country. Worldwide  - STILL ACTIVE
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$5 to JOIN our site - FREE!
$5 for EVERY friend your refer!
1 to 10 cents for EVERY paid email!
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Join WePaid for FREE and start earning right away. We will pay you for receiving emails, referring others and more! You get email every day so why not get paid for it? You will also be paid for visiting your portal page and for signing up for offers! 13+ Worldwide  

Rating: 10/10
Referral ID/User Name: SRODWELL
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It's free and they pay you with Points to visit other sites, read your email, buy stuff online, fill out surveys, etc. Then you can redeem your Points for great stuff like free rentals from Blockbuster, Eddie Bauer or Barnes and Noble gift certificates, frequent flier miles and more.

Not bad, huh? So if you join, I'll get an extra 100 Points, and you can get up to 150 Points just for signing up.
Please be sure to use my User Name: SRODWELL

Program available for residents of: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa and USA Territories and Military. Ages 18+. USA Canada Australia Japan South Africa

Click here to join HTMail's opt-in list
Rating: 9/10
(Recd. payment 04/08; 03/09)

Get $10 for signing up!
Rating: 10/10
(Recd. payments 09/05)

Earn $10 just for signing up FREE!  Get others to subscribe...FREE and you earn $0.40

Plus join the 10-5-QA program and get paid $.10 for each e-mail you receive. Anyone in the world can join. Worldwide

Get $10 for signing up!
Rating: 0/10
Referral ID: sandysrealm

Get $10 for signing up! Plus get paid $0.02 per email you read and those your referrals read.
Just added: Get paid for visiting selected sites and increase your earnings! Available to everyone everywhere!
18+. Worldwide OUT OF BUSINESS
Rating: 7/10
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Get a $2.00 bonus for sign up!  You will then earn from 5¢-$5 per email.  Every email you click will also give you another entry for a $50,000 cash prize!  You will also get paid cash for every referral: $1 - first level, $.50 - second level & $.25 - third level.  Lots of potential to make money!
All ages

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if you have questions about any of these programs! We'd be happy to help you out!

Page updated: Friday, February 01, 2013