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NOTE:  Due to spammers and scammers, we are suspending Free Sweepstakes Listings until further notice.  Sorry to those of you that follow our requirements.

If you are interested in a Paid Listing, please use the contact us form here.

Webmasters/Contest Sponsors/Promotion Companies:

Have your sweepstakes listed on!  All listings must be for online sweepstakes that are free to enter and have no purchase required.

PAID advertising options are available here!
FREE listing requirements:  Please don’t waste your time or ours….
(NOT ACCEPTING at this time)
  • Prizes should be valued at $100 USD or more.
  • MUST display a return link to ON THEIR WEBSITE (preferably on the sweepstakes page).  (NO “Homepage This”, SHRTURL links, links to other sites or fake URL’s.)
  • No affiliate links.

Instructions for linking to including banners and text link can be found on the Advertise page.

If you do not wish to display a return link, paid advertising options are available here!

We reserve the right to refuse any submission without reason.

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