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SandysRealm.com was founded in 1997.  The website is a way to share my excitement about winning online sweepstakes, earning and saving money using the internet and more.  Over the years, I have won many exciting prizes including CASH, computers, electronics, video game consoles, designer handbag, too many gift cards to count and much more!  I also earn cash and gift cards by participating in online reward programs.  It’s so fun to have great things show up at my door or in my Inbox!!

My career background is insurance and marketing.  I was a licensed insurance agent at age eighteen.  I became Marketing Coordinator for an insurance agency in Virginia and after moving to California, an Associate Underwriter for a large insurance company, Claims Adjuster and Market Researcher.  Originally from Virginia, I have been living in California for the past twenty-four years.  I also have an adult son who is in his 20’s.   For the past five years, I have been busy assisting with the creation and running of the website for a state-wide law enforcement (911 Dispatcher) association.

After sixteen years, I decided to take a break from SandysRealm.com in November 2013.  I missed it so much that I wanted to restart fresh with new content focusing on new ways to earn money, gift cards, merchandise and more on the internet, SWEEPSTAKES (of course!!!)  and whatever happens to catch my fancy at the time.

My interests include:  technology, science, nature, laughing as much as I can,  not taking life too seriously, science fiction TV (The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, The Strain, Extant, The Last Ship, etc), reading, saving and investing, spending time with my husband and enjoying life with a positive attitude.


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